A Whole Body
Anti-Inflammatory Approach
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Whole Body Wellness Blueprint

Sharon T McLaughlin MD FACS
An Innovative 
Providing a whole body approach designed to fight inflammation created by me, a woman physician who is a cancer survivor, struggled with weight loss and has an autoimmune disease.  I now want to  empower others with what I have learned to help decrease inflammation and help prevent chronic disease.
This program is for you if you want,

 Long lasting results
 Tired of the yo-you dieting
 Tired of hearing about willpower
 Looking for support
 Looking for structure
 Have food cravings you can’t fight
 Have afternoon energy crashes
 Concerned about your welllbeing

Benefits of the my Whole Body Weights Loss Blueprint

 Works with your body, not againist it.
 No counting points, I have a better solution
 No counting calories
 No fake promises
 A step by step blueprint to help you acheive your goals, fight inflammation and lose weight.
 Affordable for EVERYONE!

What The Whole Body Wellness Blueprint Isn't

 It is no a magic bullet
 It is not a quick fix
 A fad or trendy diet
 A promise that you will lose 10  pounds in a week, that approach it not sustainable

  Topics In My Wellness Blueprint

 Gain knowledge in revolutionary ways to change your lifestyle, not diet
 Learn the number ­one reason why most diets fail
 Understand the worst way to diet and the best ways to fight inflammation.
The most surprisingly simple way to lose weight without feeling hungry
 Grasp fundamentals of nutrition to help you make the best food choices
 Equip yourself with knowledge about inflammation which increases our risk of chronic diseases
 Get the ctitical steps you must take to reduce sugar cravings
 Learn about stress relief and the best way to get started. 
 Understand why sleep is important  
 We will have  our body work with us with these new lifestyle changes, not against us.

You have two choices. Continue doing it alone or enroll in my program and let me help support you!
When you sign up you wil have you’ll have lifetime access to my wellness program
My Whole Body Weight Loss Program comes with 
videosCoaching, and visual aids for learning as well as a workbook,  cookbooks ,  meal plan ideas and a guided weight loss meditation. It is an online self-paced program which gives you control of your weight loss journey. 

Regularly $49.99
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Have You Been Told To Exercise More and Eat Less?
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 Learn how to lose weight without struggling
 Learn how to control sugar cravings
 Learn about my core principals to help you lose weight
 Learn the best way to get started with intermittent fasting
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Plus My Nutrition Resources 
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Sharon T McLaughlin MD FACS
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